Frequently asked questions

Is this the same as therapy?

No. These courses are NOT therapy. These courses are not intended to replace formal therapy, and many people with a specific diagnosis will require a more individualized treatment than we offer here. The courses are here to give you knowledge, as well as to teach you skills and tools to help you improve your mental health, but that's not the same as therapy.

What kinds of things will I gain from the courses?

Each course will address a different subject that's related to mental health (such as anxiety, deppression, motivation, emotional awareness, creativity, etc.). Each course will give: - Knowledge, such as an overview of common terms and phrases that are used when people are talking about that subject (So that you'll never be out of the loop again), and also applicable history of the subject so that you understand how it could relate to you. - Skills and tools to help you use that knowledge to improve your life. Like, if I was teaching you carpentry, what good would it be to teach you hows to use a screwdriver if I didn't actually give you the screwdriver? These courses will give you mentasl tools that you can use in your every-day life to improve your relationships, emotions, and life.

Can I request a subject for a course?

Of course! (pun monstly intended) Use the CONTACT ME page to let me know what subjects you'd like me to include in future courses. Sometimes I will have already recorded the upcoming courses, so I might not get to it immediately, but I'd love to hear waht interests you.

I see that your traning is in music therapy. Are these couses all music-related?

Yes I am a music therapist, but theses courses will include many different tools that I've gained from my years of experience as a mental-health professional. Sometimes I might include something that uses music, but many of the tools and skills that I'll teach you will not be related to music therapy.

I don't think I need "mental health" help. Would these courses still help me?

Defintely. No matter who you are or what your needs are, these courses will teach you things that will lower your stress and anxiety, and improve your emotional awareness and relationships, etc.

Is this fun?

YES! I always want to include an element of play and creativity in these courses. These subjects can be hard and heavy, but that doesn't mean that our approuch has to be that way. I will always strive to be authentic and vulnerable with these subjects, and that means acknowledging the bad and the good.