"Brandtley gave me the insight that came that helped me to see that my “creativity” that is involved in making order out of disorder is to be cherished, not disparaged as insufficient or unimportant. My tag of “unimportant” on that gift has often left me feeling “less than” everyone else who can sing, act, do crafts, cooks, decorate, etc. So again, thank you very much for being the conduit for me having greater gratitude for my gift."

  - M. P.

Brandtley taught me that the voice that I had, which I had always tried to change, or manipulate to sound like everybody else, was actually good like it was, and how to train it to be clearer and stronger, and that it was a strength, not a weakness or something to change or hide. He taught me that I can and do sing beautifully, especially in the range that up until my music mentoring with Brandtley, had thought was my weak range.
He created a safe place, where I felt more at ease doing the crazy, silly, and what would have other-wise been embarrassing techniques and exercises, and he took the time to teach me the deeper meaning behind my expression.

-C. M.